Quicky ? Q

Quicky ? Q

My full name is Anastasia. I'm older than I'd like to be. I was born in Russia, but I always wanted to live where it's warm. That's why I've been living in Thailand for a year now. I love traveling, I realized that this is a very important part of my life. New places give new inspiration and have a completely different effect on your creativity. It inspires me and gives me new impulses in my life. I love flying an airplane.

I am a UX/user interface designer by profession, at the moment I am more of a design manager who manages processes in teams. I love the IT industry and people, and everyone in it has this unique freedom and breadth of outlook on the world. In fact, I'm a real workaholic, and I like it. 

As for drawing, I think I was born with pencils in my hands. As a child, I dreamed of drawing cartoons. When I got older, I did commercial illustration, drew logos and the like. For a long time I couldn't draw at all, but then I came back to it again, with a completely new approach and, oddly enough, a higher level of drawing. Now I treat drawing as something unpredictable in my life. A place where you don't need a clear plan. I don't consider it a job or anything like that. Drawing is my personal kind of meditation, expressing emotions and myself in those moments when it is really necessary.


Digital NFT Artist creating Art in cartoon anime style, taking the first steps in animation.Web and Graphic designer and a super Hero

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