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❀ Artist : YANA ANTONOVAThe style of artist Yana Antonova is the embodiment of neo-folk in painting, with a strong emphasis on female imagery and connection with nature. Her paintings intertwine folk motifs and modern technologies, creating unique works of art.




Anna Bright YAIS IRINA Abang Brooch 

✩ Artist : Anna BrightYour bright NFT Artist Welcome to my fantasy world

✩ Artist : YAISI'm digital NFT artist creating art in cartoon anime style, taking the first steps in animation. I'm also a web and graphic designer and a super hero

✩ Artist : IRINAIrina NFT creator. I reflect the inner aesthetics and creative view of the world.

✩ Artist : Abang BroochBrooch Pins Collector since 2013, Multichain Artist, Business CoachNFT Let's flex the Brooch while helping Web2 community to Web3


Ramadzostyle Victory_VV Aria6000 Victoria Gaidash

✩ Artist : RamadzostyleNFT & Digital Artist, IPA Awarded Photographer, NFT NYC Artist 2023,2024

✩ Artist : Vicrory_VVPhysical and Digital artist /ex-university lecturer / master of management / UX UI designer.

✩ Artist : Aria6000Experimental #35mm film photographer and audio engineer

✩ Artist : Victoria GaidashEx-police | Digital Artist & Collector | IRL Exhibited Brazil, Pakistan #NFTNYC2024


Gnutov-Bayun Igor Goryunov IGOR LEONTIEV

✩ Artist : Gnutov-BayunAMANITA MUSCARIA by Gnutov-BayunIn this collection, the author and I begin to explore the return to the collective unconscious of the phenomenon of the fly agaric mushroom as a guide to other worlds, a model of the World Tree, a mushroom of shamans and an object of pop culture

✩ Artist : Igor GoryunovIgor Goryunov's ultra-futuristic paintings are recognizable at a glance. For many years the master has been developing his own technique, and now you can enjoy his creations in NFT format.

✩ Artist : IGOR LEONTIEVHis paintings can be found in galleries and private collections in Germany, Israel, Austria, USA, France, Italy, Switzerland . Leontev participant 41 international exhibitions and auctions, as well spent 21 solo exhibitions in Europe and Russia.

Eidos Gallery


Cozmonika Anna Zubarev